Are you looking for Healthy Platelet Counts?

Get Well Natural's Blood Well and Restore Immune II formulas were originally developed by Medical Doctors and Herbalists in Vietnam and Russia, for their patients looking for alternatives to standard Western Medicine I.T.P. treatments like drugs or surgeries. These doctors realized the importance of not focusing solely on treating the symptoms of I.T.P., but instead naturally supported the body's own healthy platelet production capacity. For more information on how Blood Well and Restore Immune II can be used as part of your dietary supplement protocol, read about the ITP Kit below.

Featured Normal Blood Platelet Levels Support Product*

The ITP Kit


The ITP Kit contains:

  • Two Blood Well (90 Capsules Each)
  • Two Restore Immune II (90 Capsules Each)

These Doctor recommended dietary herbal supplements have been combined to provide maximum support for healthy blood platelet function.*


"Originally in October 2001 I was diagnosed with I.T.P.; bruising and a very low platelet count... I have been on both Blood Well and Restore Immune II for several years now. My hematologist was so amazed at how the herbal formulas support my body..." - - Barbara W., Leawood, KS

Combining them in our Kits saves you 5% more off the individually combined prices and bulk discounts can save you even more.

Bulk Discounts: Save further when you purchase 3 or more ITP Kits

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

How To Increase Platelets?*

How To Increase Platelets? The most often asked question by any individual concerned with low platelets is, of course “how to increase platelets”?*

Increase is brought to you by Get Well Natural LLC as part of an internet sharing of health information. As the name implies there are Eastern Medicine dietary herbal practitioners who believe that the human body can increase platelets on its own with health support.*

Are you interested in How to Increase Platelets?*

The importance of the blood platelet system in terms of keeping us with healthy blood platelet function cannot be overstated.  Blood platelets control bleeding among other functions according the the NIH and new research turns up new platelet functions, like platelet growth factors. In Eastern medicine, if the blood platelet function is supported, usually with dietary herbs and lifestyle adjustments, then the body can better support normal platelet function and levels.

How To Increase Platelets? Support Your Body’s Ability to Increase Platelets!*

Get Well Natural on How To Increase Platelets*

First, in Eastern medicine, only the body can increase platelets, so the “how” is to support the body, they believe. The Doctors & Herbalists that created the extensive line of Get Well Natural Products believe that all health stems from feeding the body the raw materials needed to support all of its healthy functions, just like Eastern medicine. So how to increase platelets has a simple answer, support the body’s ability to normalize platelet function and count.*

They believe that how to increase platelets is no different than how to support kidney health or any other bodily function. They believe that one can achieve this by supporting the body’s innate ability to increase platelets itself. Over decades of research and use they discovered that the formulas contained in Bood Well and Restore Immune II produced fantastic results for them. Both Blood Well and Restore Immune II are combined as the ITP Kit. The unique combination of platelet supporting herbs can facilitate natural production of platelets, they believe.*

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